17 Jan

Setting up the DJI s1000 with a GoPro Hero 4 Black

I must be crazy to have a larger UAV like the DJI s1000 and want to fly a little GoPro, but I want options. Eventually I plan to modify the aircraft to carry my MOVI m5 with longer landing gear legs, but for now I just want a simple camera setup and since the latest GoPro has 4K, it’s a worthy setup.

Funny though, that DJI and the UAV community have little info on this setup. In fact I was looking for a Zenmuse H4-3D, and previously an H3-3D for my s1000 and everywhere i looked they seem to indicate that the little Zenmuse GoPro gimbals were for Phantom only. Even B&H Photo which has a ‘standard‘ and ‘phantom‘ version, which last week listed both as ‘for Phantom only’ but I can’t seem to find that statement now on the standard. Multiple tweets to DJI have been fruitless.

UPDATE- Just noticed the listing on the B&H for the DJI H4-3D says:

  • Plug-and-Play with Phantom 2
  • Optional GCU for Other Aircraft

So it should work with my s1000.

Fortunately I found the company DSStyles.com and their carbon fiber gimbal mount¬†which was a deal for around $35 (nothing in this world of UAVs seems to be less then $100). It just arrived and I have it mounted up, but still don’t have a gimbal. I think I’m waiting on the H4-3D and in the meantime I found this¬†Carbon Fiber 4-Axis 6-Axis FPV Gimbal PTZ for Gopro 3 DJI Phantom on ebay, which isn’t really a gimbal at all but just a static GoPro attachment, but at less than $12, it will hold me over.


DSStyles Gimbal Mount for s1000

The DSStyles Carbon Fiber Gimbal mount newly attached to my DJI s1000 – ready and waiting for the Zenmuse H4-3D gimbal