23 Nov

Mounting the Amimon Connex on the MOVI m5 (and ALTA)

Connex on MOVI

Amimon Connex Mounted on the FreeFly MOVI m5

There isn’t much information out there but I came up with a solution that was pretty solid. Amazon was good for a roll of Techflex Flexo Braided Cable sleeve, the 1/4-inch was perfect. I also acquired some very tiny black zip-ties and heat shrinks from my husband’s hangar (tons of good stuff to pilfer from the Lear Jet!). Use the Flexo around the antenna cables then apply a heat shrink to each end and zip-tie over the heat shrink to minimize flexing at the weak points.

For close proximity work I removed the Connex antenna extensions and used velcro to attach the antennas to the end of each carbon fiber support on the MOVI. The Connex itself I mounted to the back of the MOVI just above the power switch, securing it with both velcro and a zip-tie passed through the removable mounting plate and around the vertical post of the MOVI.

Power is supplied using a y-cable soldered and cleaned up with heat-shrink and covered with sealing wrap. I used one of the cables provided by Connex and a power connector FreeFly was kind enough to give me when I visited for the open house just before I received the ALTA.

So far this is working well – tested hand-held in a crowded event the video started to give out about 150 feet away in the next room. I suspect clear line of sight it will work adequately and if I plan to really push the range I’ll put the antenna extensions back on to move the antennas themselves further from the carbon fiber.