19 Feb

Issue with Sony a7s mark II SteadyShot with MetaBones and Canon Lens

Last night I was queued up to shoot a sunset using the Sony a7s ii Time Lapse app. Nearly every time I’ve used these apps it’s been a failure. At first on the mark I version of the camera it would simply stop after shooting some frames, so I’d set my time lapse, come back and the camera would be shut down in power-save with either limited frames or no video (depending on settings). This seemed fixed with a firmware update and on the mark ii.

As the sun was setting into the Bay of Banderas, a message pops up that tells me to disable SteadyShot. Ok, no problem, except that with the MetaBones and my Canon 24-105 L USM lens, I can’t. It displays as ‘on’ but greyed out so it can’t be changed. If I switch to an old, manual Nikon prime lens then it works as expected.

Sony a7s ii with SteadyShot Locked out

So I guess I can’t use my Canon L series lenses with the apps which is quite frustrating. The core functions on this camera are great – the image is sharp, the 4K is nice, high frame rates, low light performance but beware those apps. Rather frustrating to pay extra to download them and have them fail time and again!