28 Apr

Sony a7s ii with the Sony E PZ 18-110mm f/4 G OSS Lens on the FreeFly Movi m5

I wasn’t sure if this would work – the Sony E PZ 18-110 lens is pretty long and the depth of the spacing on the m5 can be a limitation. I tried mounting my Canon 70-200 lens once, to see if I could use it a stabilized, long lens setup for shooting whales on a boat, but it didn’t fit.

Image of the a7s ii on the MOVI

the Sony a7s ii with the Sony 18-110 on the MOVI m5

This beautiful Sony lens, which I rented for the week from BorrowLenses for a couple projects, fits with just enough room to fully tilt. And I mean just barely. The lens runs around $3,500 from B&H..

Showing the Clearance in the MOVI

Just enough depth clearance for full-tilt action

I bought most of the parts of a Zacuto Indie Recoil this week as well along with a Gripper battery system, but B&H failed to ship the item, though it was listed on shipping notifications.. it wasn’t the package arrived that they realized they hadn’t even shipped it yet, leaving me to figure out an alternative power solution for my two films this week.

I’m really liking the Sony lens – it will compliment my Sony 16-35 I picked up a month ago that I use mostly on the MOVI and flying under the Alta. So far, I’m stoked about the Recoil and have found it exceptionally modular and flexible – a real upgrade from my Cinevate handheld rig, which did last me 6 or so years before failing. I’m still using the hand-grips from that for the moment.


Camera Rig Image

the RedRock Micro Wireless FollowFocus with the Sony a7s ii on the Zacuto Indie Recoil, using the Sony 18-110 Cinema

The one thing I’ve noticed – no matter where my RedRock Micro torque motor is mounted or with which lens, when we shift directions on the focus, the motor pushes the camera round in the rig. Maybe I really do need the coldshoe lock to tie in the upper z-rail, but I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. It wouldn’t be noticeable in a shot unless you made some rapid focus shifts. It just looks dodgy.