26 Dec

Channel mapping with the DJI A2 and Futaba T14SG

Overcoming some issues sorting out the configuration of the DJI A2 and the Futaba 14SG controller and I thought I would share. There are a ton of tutorials out there but it took some digging to figure out just how to apply a channel to a switch and then map that channel to a function on the A2.

On the controller push LNK 2 times and then scroll to FUNCTION and press RTN. The numbers on the left correspond to the channels. The designation next must be unique if you want the joined channel and switch to be independent so I immediately set each open channel to a unite AUX number.

Next you assign a CTRL by scrolling to the appropriate position, push RTN and then scroll to the button name (i.e. SA, SE, etc). This maps the channel to that specific switch.

In the A2 software click the channel mapping button (in the lower right of any control page) and then click the button to the right which will read ‘Unmapped’ and choose the channel you linked to a button on the controller.

Writing this out it now sounds obvious but on the tutorials I went through it was left out and I found a gap between the Futaba manual and the A2 manual that left me temporarily scratching my head.

If you have issues contact me by email – I’ve disabled the comments due the debilitating spam they generate.