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    Travel Reports from Tokyo, July 2021
    LA Area Emmy Award winning Special Documentary Segments on the Nisei

    Cinematographer for a variety of special documentary segments with anchor, David Ono, primarily following the stories of the Nisei, The 100th/442nd Infantry Regiment who became the most decorated unit in U.S. military history. We traveled through Italy and France conducting interviews, capturing aerial footage of battlefields and encasing heroic stories into the canon of history.

    Each of these received LA Area Emmy Awards in their respective years.

  • Doctor Who Am I (2021)

    Doctor Who Am I | IMDB

    An infamous Doctor Who screenwriter is reluctantly dragged back into the American Whoniverse, in this funny and moving documentary about finding family in the unlikeliest of places.

    Official Selection Portland International Film Festival 2022 Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival 2022 Click for Trailer
  • Bar America (2014)
    director of photography

    Bar America | IMDB

    Bar America is the story of two best friends – Hank and Charlie – who face losing each other and the show that has made them hometown celebrities when a conniving duo sees a way to strike it rich by destroying everything these two buddies have built.

    Click for Trailer
  • Behind Lovelace (2012)

    Behind Lovelace

    View Featurette | IMDB

    This 13 minute, behind-the-scenes short looks at the woman revealed in the biographical narrative - Lovelace, by the directing duo Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman and starring Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard.

    The short examines the craft of acting, the 'two-headed' director's approach and the spirit of filmmaking. A month of working on set in Los Angeles followed by countless hours of editing and collaboration with other talented filmmakers has resulted in a short film which will accompany the official EPK just before the release at Sundance 2013.

    Still Image from Behind Lovelace
  • Your Good Friend (2012)
    director of photography

    Your Good Friend

    website | IMDB

    Zander, a widowed rabbi, and Jules, an out-of-date pornographer become friends. Their values are put to the test as Jules documents their unique relationship in a way that is both touching and funny.

    Movie Poster from Your Good Friend
  • An American Contradiction (2012)
    director of photography

    An American Contradiction

    website | IMDB Cleveland Laurel

    Seeking knowledge about her country and heritage, filmmaker Vanessa Yuille journeys to her mother's birthplace, Heart Mountain, Wyoming, where Japanese Americans were incarcerated during WWII.

    Still Image from An American Contradiction
  • Rabbit Hole (2010)
    camera intern

    Rabbit Hole

    website | IMDB

    Life for a happy couple is turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident.

    Movie Poster from Rabbit Hole
  • Orange Jumpsuit (2011)
    director of photography

    Orange Jumpsuit


    Maria, a victim of domestic violence, goes to a hospital and meets a prisoner who looks very scary in a waiting room, then her fear of him makes her imagine about the prisoner attacking people.

    Movie Poster from Orange Jumpsuit
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